Monday, May 28, 2012

12 Week progression for Western Canadians Kelowna

Since my first show that I competed in Men's Physique at the Western Canadians in Kelowna is done, I think it is a good time to show my progression through the 12 weeks of preparation for this event.  I have included some of the weekly progress pictures through this time (although I have to say, the final week out I just got so caught up that taking pictures was missed).  Wow, as you will see through the weeks, it was obvious that I didn't really get my posing down until I was in the last week.  I was kind of surprised that most of my posing on stage, was presented quite well.

12 weeks out

11 weeks out

10 weeks out

 9 weeks out

8 weeks out

7 weeks out

6 weeks out

5 weeks out

4 weeks out

3 weeks out

2 weeks out

On stage - evening show!

Something I find interesting to see when I look back on these progress pictures, as well as thinking about my mind-set during this process, is how there is not really drastic changes in my physique until the last few weeks before competition.  The main reason for this, is that I have stayed strict with a healthy lifestyle and consistent training for the past 9 months leading up to this event.  This made the impact on my meal planning for preparation much less of a shock to my system, especially compared to last October, when I was initially starting to lose weight and began cutting to prepare for a photo shoot with Pink Elephant Photography.  While the impact on meal planning was minimal, the effect mentally was just as difficult, but in a much different way.  What I mean by this, is that since I was already maintaining a consistent body weight at 155Lbs and a body fat below 10%, I really didn't need the usual 12 weeks of prep to "cut" for the show.  The part that I feel was most difficult, was that I couldn't get it out of my head, that I needed to cut.  Last year I found myself to be very self-conscious about my weight and overall health and condition.  When I was approaching this competition so seriously (as I really wanted to do well), my mind kept telling me I needed to trim down and come in "lean".  While the results of this show were very favourable, seeing as I placed 3rd, I may never know if I could have placed better, if I didn't allow my head to mess with my progress.  My trainer Dean had set out a meal plan for me, that I was dedicated to sticking to 100%.  I was seeing excellent results and was in great shape, but I started adjusting my meal plan without reviewing the changes with Dean.  Even though I was recommended to step on stage a bit "fuller", I let the prep get into my head.  I convinced myself that I wanted to come in as lean as possible.  I did accomplish this leanness, as when I measured my body fat the morning of the competition, I measured in at just below 5% body fat.  Without trying to sound boastful, I feel I did come in leaner than the other competitors and presented the best abs on the stage, I feel my leanness hurt my upper body presentation and came in a bit flat in my chest.

Top 3 final results.

Top 5 finalists.

While the first few hours waiting for my time to step on stage seemed to drag on forever, before I knew it, I was being called to the "pump up room" and get ready to go on stage.  I was able to stay pretty calm and loose and even was able to have some fun in our waiting room.  What a great team of people we had competing with our Body by Brandt team!  I enjoyed every moment of this experience and can't wait to do it again (hopefully many more times).  Here are just a few pictures that show some of the light and fun times I was able to have while waiting.


The day before competition, Grace and I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Gus Mctavish of Proshot Photo.  This was such a fun and relaxed experience, which resulted in some great photos.  Here are just a couple of the photos from this shoot.  Stayed tuned as I will share more photos from this shoot soon.


At this stage, I am now less than 5 weeks out from competing in the BCABBA - 2012 BC Championships, June 30th, 2012. My goal is to fill out my upper body a bit more (not much time to see major gains). I still want to present myself lean, but a bit fuller in the upper body. I have committed to pushing hard in my training, plus sticking to my meal plan as Dean and I have prepared. Lesson learned, I will not make changes to my plan, unless I discuss this in detail with my trainer.

As always, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read about my thoughts and experiences.  I really do appreciate all of the support I receive from my family and friends, both close and afar!  Your support and encouragement goes a long way to helping me push harder to achieve my goals and dreams. 

Take care and I look forward to sharing with you again soon.


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